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Indoor Karting Anaheim

    Click Here For Closure Info & Holiday Hours

    NOTE: No Junior races after 8pm on Friday and Saturday.


      Open for Fun Since 2007

      1 Challenging Track w/ Tunnel

      Adult and Junior Electric Karts

      Paddock Lounge restaurant

      3000 Sq. Ft. Mezzanine

      Nightclub-Style Lighting

      Large Meeting Room with A/V Connections

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    Safety Information

    K1 Speed Anaheim – Arrive & Drive

    Have you and your friends been thinking about things to do tonight? At K1 Speed Anaheim in Orange County, we can provide you with an unforgettable, adrenaline-pumping experience. Our indoor karting center is unlike any other go-kart track you’ve been to before. Unlike the go-kart track at your local miniature golf course, our tracks are professionally designed, fully enclosed for racing in rain or shine, and well maintained. We don’t differentiate ourselves from the competition simply through our centers though. Our high-performance electric karts are in a different league altogether from the anemic, lawn mower-powered karts you’re accustomed to. Capable of speeds approaching 45mph, our electric karts have maximum torque available from 0 rpm and accelerate to their top speed almost instantly. If you’re used to the putt-putt-putt of a gas-powered kart as it slowly accelerates to speed, we can assure you that our karts will permanently change your expectations – they provide genuine thrills, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast.


    Once people sample experience the performance of our karts and see our indoor tracks in person, they never go back. If you live in Orange County – including Fullerton, Orange, Cypress, Buena Park, Stanton, Placentia, Yorba Linda – Or just visiting Downtown Disney, Angels stadium, Honda Stadium, The Block Mall, and want to try go-kart racing, give K1 Speed Anaheim a try. You won’t be disappointed!

    Arrive & Drive Racing – Race our Karts, Anytime

    Though we offer a wide range of race packages for parties of 8 or more, our most popular attraction is our Arrive & Drive race option. In an Arrive & Drive race, up to 12 racers at a time take to the track to race against the clock. Rather than race for position, which can reward pure luck or simply good blocking skills which we highly discourage, our Arrive & Drive races reward consistency, skill, and strategy. Setting a good lap time often involves navigating slower traffic or creating a hole so that you have a free and open track ahead of you. Just like qualifying in Formula One, one wrong move can ruin your lap time and prevent you from taking home the victory. We offer live telemetry so that you can monitor your on-track performance in real time and make necessary adjustments. After the race, you can compare your overall performance to every participant who has ever attended a K1 Speed indoor karting center.

    Experience the Thrills Today

    If you’re interested in go-kart racing, the Arrive & Drive option at K1 Speed Anaheim in Orange County is for you. As any number of professional racecar drivers can attest to, including Travis Pastrana, Boris Said and Denny Hamlin of NASCAR, Juan Pablo Montoya, and Ron Capps, go-kart racing at K1 Speed is a genuine thrill! In fact, don’t be surprised if the adrenaline and sweat are pumping when you get off of the track. We must warn you that speed is addictive though! Many first-time racers buy one race to begin with, but you’ll find that many of our regular competitors opt for the combo pack of 3 races!

    my new favorite steak house! beats house of prime rib and ruth chris!i ordered a ribeye and it came with sweet peas! the ribeye was decent a bit overcooked since i ordered medium rare so it was a bit chewy. i had the chance to try the american waygu and let me say it was one the juiciest piece of meat that i have had. it was full of flavor and the texture was just right. the prime rib was okay, could've been better. Next time i would love to try the japanese kobe waygu.
    Justin Brown
    Justin B.
    09:47 25 Nov 20
    A wonderful place to enjoy a very special meal. The menu is not for children unless they can appreciate a fantastic cut of meat. Loved eating early, not too noisy. the Rossini was a meal made in heaven! Loved the French onion soup.....it was really soup! Not covered up with cheese and bread. I will return again for that wonderful flavor of truffle sauce.
    Brandon Rodriguez
    Brandon R.
    09:39 25 Nov 20
    We had a blast.. will definitely return again..
    Richard w8ting2xhale
    Richard W.
    19:29 19 Nov 20
    A lot of fun. The cars are fast and the races are real.
    Kirk Brown
    Kirk B.
    08:21 19 Nov 20
    Great place for an awesome time on the Karts. Staff were friendly and helpful and got us up and running in no time.
    Bobby Mann
    Bobby M.
    14:48 17 Nov 20
    Pretty funny place to go cart
    Sensei Pete
    Sensei P.
    23:25 11 Nov 20
    Had a great time with friends racing each other around the course three different times!
    03:14 10 Nov 20
    Good place to spend the weekend. It has fun kids and adults.
    Jorge Magaña
    Jorge M.
    23:08 31 Oct 20
    Always a good time. Get your adrenaline going. Gets hot in there and beware of accidents lol
    Ulmar Aslen
    Ulmar A.
    23:24 29 Oct 20
    Really fun friendly environment! Would definitely recommend.
    Haylee Lagle
    Haylee L.
    03:44 22 Oct 20
    This expierience was awesome my son so much fun in it
    Pepe Martinez
    Pepe M.
    05:04 21 Oct 20
    For a Saturday night it was Great! Didn't have to wait long to get in a race. Very clean and professional.
    dad and Jaden
    dad and J.
    03:59 27 Sep 20