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Why Electric Karts Win Vs Gas Karts

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There are many reasons why electric karts are superior to the gas karts commonly found at karting tracks across the country. So, let’s see how electric karts benefit both you and the planet.



1. Kart Emissions


Electric Karts Produce ZERO Emissions


You probably figured this one out already, but all of our electric go karts produce zero emissions. But that’s only important if you realize just how bad are gas-powered karts can be for not only the environment, but ourselves.


At the 2015 International Emissions Inventory Conference in San Diego, Robert McConnell from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and environmentalist/health care scientist Jamie Banks, PhD, MS delivered a presentation on National Lawn and Garden Equipment Emissions – powered by engines very similar to those found in most gas-powered go-karts since the very beginning.

chart of small engine pollution versus light vehicle pollution

In an hour, emissions from these engines produce the equivalence of driving a typical car for 350 miles . Plus, they contain a plethora of harmful pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and dioxide, particulate matters and more.


This all significantly hurts the ozone and can seriously threaten our health, causing respiratory harm (worsened asthma/COPD), early death, cardiovascular problems (heart attacks, strokes, heart disease), damage to the central nervous system, and reproductive harm. Yeesh!


And this is all if the emissions are OUTSIDE – not in a confined indoor karting center with limited ventilation. Just imagine the exposure to these carcinogens you received at that indoor gas karting place you went to last time. Not good, my friends.


And we’re not even talking about the amount of fuel that gets spilled during the refuel of said engines, either… that’s a whole other stab into the heart of mother earth. Not only does spilled gasoline contaminate groundwater, but it evaporates into the air, forming smog-created ozone when heated by the engine and/or sunlight.


Race guiltlessly at K1 Speed, knowing that none of these harmful byproducts are entering your body or the Earth’s environment.





2. Kart Speed


Electric Karts are Faster than Gas Karts


For the real racer reading this, you’ll be happy to know that electric karts are actually faster than gas karts. There’s a reason why even the modern Formula 1 car incorporates electric power –  it helps them produce up to an additional 160bhp under acceleration.


Unlike gas engines, where initial acceleration is often bogged down while you wait for the “power band” – the optimum revolutions per minute (RPM) to provide torque (that “push back into the seat” feeling) – electric motors in our karts deliver INSTANT torque, providing you with maximum power as soon as you press on the throttle.

This plays a very important role in indoor karting, as you’re typically not flat-out for very long on the small, twisty circuits. You need more acceleration than top speed, so you can power out of these corners as quickly as possible.


How fast is the electric go kart ?


Trust us, our torque is going to produce a smile on your face as soon as you hit our track.





3. Kart Safety


Electric Karts are Safer Than Gas Karts


There’s little in the way of safety when it comes to gas karts. If there’s an aggressive driver in a gas kart, there’s nothing that can be done to control that driver. This means they’ll continue to be a hazard on the track and endanger other racers that are trying to enjoy a fun experience.


Electric karts allow us the ability to adjust the speed of each kart based on a driver’s skill level. This ensures that no driver is put into the deep end of performance driving without being fully accustomed to the challenge it can present.

challenge gp

At K1 Speed, every driver starts off on the second-to-highest speed setting, so we can monitor their performance. Once we see the driver is fast and doesn’t hit walls or other karts, doesn’t spin out, and obeys our flags, then we’ll bump them up to our highest speed setting the next race.


learn how to drive an electric go kart


If someone isn’t achieving any of the above, then it’s rather obvious that the racer can’t quite handle the current speed setting and may need to be notched down to a lower setting for the safety of themselves and other racers.


The last thing you want is a racer who spins out going a sporty 25mph to suddenly approach a corner at blistering 45mph – that’s a disaster in the making.


But should you spin, you’ll be happy to know that the electric motor allows you to reverse on the track, instead of having to wait for an employee to go onto an active track to push you back.


And since there’s nothing combustible like fuel being used in our karts, there’s no risk of fire, hence why you can enjoy K1 Speed in just a t-shirt and jeans. Plus, we’re able to cover anything that may get warm, so there’s no risk of you burning yourself on something hot getting in/out of the kart.




Electric Cars and Racing are the Future. Embrace it.


With many automakers transitioning to a larger electric vehicle output and with automotive-loving countries like the UK and France going so far as to ban all gas-powered vehicles in the next 10-20 years, going green and driving electric has never been so trendy and modern.

photo of bmw motorsport's formula e car

With the introduction of several all-electric racing series like Formula E, electric motorsport is fast becoming a popular outlet for manufacturers, prominent teams, and world-class drivers.

LA Mayor Welcomes Formula E Electric Car Racing


In the very near future, these racing series could become the general public’s preference over traditional gas-powered motorsport, so by driving at K1 Speed, you’re driving a sample of what your future (or current) favorite pros will be/are hustling around the turns.

k1 speed electric pro kart

Celebrate Earth Day, 365 Days a Year


So, as you can see, there are many benefits to racing electric karts versus the gas karts you may have tried before. You’ll enjoy a faster and safer experience while you get a head start on the norm in the near-future, and most importantly, you’ll be protecting Mother Earth and yourself from horrible pollutants, which is what Earth Day is all about.


Earth Day doesn’t have to be restricted to just April 22nd. Earth Day can be celebrated every day you’re racing at K1 Speed.


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