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Irvine Track 1

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Irvine Go Kart Track 1

Professionally designed to challenge the most experienced racers, K1 Speed Irvine’s Track 1 is a favorite among Southern Californian kart racers. Your lap begins with a high-speed straight that quickly shifts to the right for Turn 1. Resist the temptation to lift and bury the throttle as you head towards the right of Turn 2: a sharp 180-degree challenge. This is your first chance at overtaking a slower car if executed properly. Once you hit the apex correctly at Turn 2, you’ll be fed directly into the apex of the fast slight right that is Turn 3. From Turn 3, you’ll head into Turns 4 and 5 – the “S-Turns”. How you hit Turn 4 will affect how fast you take Turn 5, so make sure you select the racing line that gives you the most speed without sliding your tires. After the full-throttle “S-Turns” you’ll want to slow down quickly and in a straight line for the tight hairpin that is Turn 6. The inside of Turn 6 offers your second chance at overtaking, so try to line up your opponent on the right as you head through the S-Turns. From Turn 6, you’ll enter Turns 7 and 8: the switchback. Try to hug the inside of Turn 7 and take a wide approach going into Turn 8 to maximize your exit speed. Go pedal-to-the-metal to the Start/Finish line and do it all again! Aim for a good lap time in the 23-second range.


Track Record

Adult: S. O’Hearn, 22.963


Irvine Track 2

K1 Speed Irvine Track 2

Irvine Go Kart Track 2

Irvine’s Track 2 appeals to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started as a kid, or if you’ve got thousands of miles of karting experience – Track 2 is always a fun ride. Arguably simpler but more technical than Track 1, Track 2 has a rhythm you’re going to want to dance to. You’ll start the lap, and like Track 1, you’ll instantly be faced with Turn 1, a quick right. Keep your foot planted through Turn 1 and continue to build speed through Turn 2 and down the short straight. At Turn 3, lift off the throttle and dive into the inside, hugging the barrier to your left as you approach Turn 4. If taken correctly, your exit from Turn 3 will set you up at a straight shot around the hairpin right that is Turn 4 – a great overtaking opportunity. Get back on the power early, go full speed through Turn 4, and stay to the right side of the track. The final three turns get increasingly tighter. So take a wide approach into Turn 5 (another good overtaking opportunity), quickly dart right for Turn 6, then try to get on the power early to carry your momentum out of Turn 7 and to the Start/Finish line. Feel the rhythm and send the speed. Aim for a good lap time in the 19-second range for adults, 22s for juniors.


Irvine Track 2 Record

Adult: S. O’Hearn, 18.941
Junior: Peyton A, 21.547


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