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Corporate Events

Birthday Parties

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Family in lobby of K1 Speed

Fun for the
Whole Family!

Paddock Lounge

Delicious Food &
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Indoor Karting Torrance

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    NOTE: No Junior races after 8pm on Friday and Saturday.


      One challenging track

      Adult and Junior electric karts

      Paddock Lounge restaurant

      Nightclub-style lighting

      Two meeting rooms with A/V connections


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    Indoor Go Kart Racing Torrance, California

    Wheel to Wheel Racing in West Los Angeles


    Racing enthusiasts in West Los Angeles can satisfy their adrenaline needs with indoor go-kart racing at K1 Speed Torrance! Our karting location is conveniently located for residents of Long Beach, San Pedro, Gardena, Redondo Beach, and all West Los Angeles. If you want to compete head-to-head with friends or family, we invite you to come into K1 Speed Torrance and put your skills to the test. We are dedicated to providing our guests with an authentic racing experience, and we are confident that you will not be disappointed! In fact, professional racecar drivers like Ron Capps, Travis Pastrana, Denny Hamlin, and Boris Said routinely visit our locations in-between races and during the off-season to experience the thrill of wheel-to-wheel competition themselves! No reservation is required to race at K1 Speed Torrance. If you want to experience indoor go-kart racing, simply meeting the height requirements will suffice. Why wait? Come in today and start racing!

    High-Performance Electric Go-Karts

    Over the last decade, the sport of electric karting has exploded in the United States. As the company that introduced electric indoor karting to America, we’re particularly proud of the evolution we’ve witnessed. If you’ve heard of indoor karting but never experienced it yourself, now is the time. At K1 Speed Torrance, the public can experience the thrill of indoor go-kart racing themselves in our high-performance, zero-emission electric go-karts. These European karts are extremely capable machines that will push you back into your seat under acceleration. On the high-grip concrete surface at K1 Speed Torrance, our karts can produce incredible G-forces and the experience of driving them at speed is not unlike that of driving a real formula racecar. The handling, acceleration, and braking are superb and wringing the most out of them is tremendous fun.


    To gauge your performance and keep track of your progression in the sport, we provide live telemetry during races so that you can monitor not only your track time, but the times of your competitors as well. Your performance is then measured against the more than 1,000,000 competitors to have raced at K1 Speed so that you can see how your skills stack up against our most accomplished racers. This race performance measurement provides the tools one needs to develop their skills and track their development. Many of our more ardent fans eventually find their way into the seat of a two-stroke shifter kart, stock car, or open-wheel formula car. Almost all of the greats got their start in karting, and you could too.

    Our Indoor Kart Track

    Our indoor kart track is professionally designed to meet exacting standards, and to provide racers with both a fun and safe environment in which to test their skills and the performance of our karts. All of our indoor kart tracks feature Protex barrier systems to absorb energy in the event of a collision or accident, and our karts feature remote shutoff and remote power modulation should the track conditions require it.


    Unlike gas-powered karts, which cannot be shut off remotely in the event of an on-track incident, we can to ensure safety. Our karts also feature seatbelts and roll bars, features absent on many gas-powered karts. We want you to have fun and be safe. Experience the thrill and undeniable fun of indoor go-kart racing today – visit K1 Speed Torrance in West Los Angeles.


    K1 Speed’s indoor go-kart track in Torrance combines drift style racing with one of our most challenging courses to date. With a great combination of straights, sweepers and hairpin turns it is sure to test you racing ability. Grab your friends and be one of the first to lay down rubber on the new indoor kart racing track in Torrance.

    (Translated by Google) Awesome place we enjoyed it very much!We really loved the karting on the spot! There is an entry ticket included in the GO Los Angeles ticket which was really fun ..A little drive from the city center but well worth the experience. Recommend that you try to make an appointment for a pre-race because sometimes (especially at weekends) there is a wait of about 45-60 minutes ..At the end of the race you get a page with analysis of laps rounds and your place .. Really beautiful!(Original)Awesome place we enjoyed it very much!מאוד אהבנו את הקרטינג במקום! יש כרטיס כניסה למרוץ כלול בכרטיס של GO Los Angeles שזה היה ממש כיף..קצת נסיעה מהמרכז של העיר אבל שווה את החוויה. ממליץ שתנסו לקבוע תור למרוץ מראש כי לפעמים (במיוחד בסופשים) יש המתנה של איזה 45-60 דקות..בסוף המירוץ מקבלים דף עם ניתוח סיבובים laps והמקום שלך.. ממש יפה!
    Moshe Argaman
    Moshe A.
    23:44 27 Oct 19
    Had a great 1st experience. Get used to the g forces these karts are fast.
    Arturo Higuera
    Arturo H.
    03:36 24 Oct 19
    I love this place, always a good time
    04:51 17 Oct 19
    Great place for kids and adults too
    Ulysses Marquez
    Ulysses M.
    11:24 15 Oct 19
    Cool place to spend some time with family or friends
    Maria Cortez
    Maria C.
    04:16 09 Oct 19
    I'm no go cart expert but from the few places I've been to, this one is the best. The track offers challenging turns and a few speedy parts. The staff is knowledgeable and the karts are fast. They offer slower / smaller karts for beginners and younger people.
    lee merschon
    lee M.
    03:18 09 Oct 19
    It was great getting out of the heat and having some "outdoor" fun. It was a good break from the museums and historical sites.
    Tiffany Young
    Tiffany Y.
    22:00 08 Oct 19
    Loved it soo much fun!!!🤪
    Blakeslie Taylor
    Blakeslie T.
    04:54 05 Oct 19
    Amazing experience! Definitely bring your own team, because racing against people you know makes it very exciting!
    Marisol Castellanos
    Marisol C.
    21:26 01 Oct 19
    We had a great time! My son's 14th birthday was so much fun! The staff was friendly. We were the last one leaving and we did not feel rushed. Overall it was great! Thank you!
    04:49 18 Sep 19
    Awesome place to have fun
    Aldo Montas
    Aldo M.
    17:38 17 Sep 19
    Great job guys. The venue is clean, the staff is nice and the Karts are good for beginners. Cool place to hang out with some friends or alone to work on your pace.They also have a bar, a pool table and some games.Definitely a place to check for kart lovers and it is also challenging as you get your score at the end which ranks you among all the past racers.
    Derhem Abdellah
    Derhem A.
    04:00 16 Sep 19