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Who Has Set the Fastest Lap Time at K1 Speed?

Here is where you can find who has set the fastest lap time at any K1 Speed location!


Each K1 Speed location has a different track, so times vary by location. We also have two different records for each track – both an adult lap time and a junior lap time.


Simply click on the location button below for the track you’d like to see the record for.  This will take you to the track page for that location, where you’ll be able to see the existing lap records. You’ll also see who has set the fastest adult lap time, and who has set the fastest junior lap time.
















New Jersey

New York


North Carolina




South Carolina







You should now know who has set the fastest lap time at K1 Speed! Is it you? Will it be you? Let us know in the comments section below!


And if you’re looking to decrease your lap time, browse our helpful blog posts about how you can shave time off your lap by making several adjustments to your driving style! Check out the related posts below!

  • Alex

    Where’s the Burbank track records page?

    • Staff Writer

      Sorry about that, Alex! It’s now up on this page. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Joe

    Where are the records for K1 Speed Canton.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Joe! We just added the link to Canton’s page now for you!

  • Herbert Krude

    Hi,what is the best lap in Thousand Oaks?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Herbert! We’ve only just officially opened in Thousand Oaks, so please give us about a month or so for us to see what lap time becomes the new record by the end of the month. We’ll then link to our Thousand Oaks track page so you can see the current records. For the best lap times from Thousand Oaks this month, please stand by. We’re currently working on getting that up as soon as possible!

  • Maxim Manassypov

    where are the records for K1 Speed Toronto?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Maxim! This is the K1 Speed USA website. For Canada info, including track records, please visit K1 Speed Canada’s website (swap out the .com for .ca). Then visit Toronto under the locations tab, and look at the track page.

  • Lando

    What about the Las Vegas location?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Lando! Just added it to the page for you. At the moment, we don’t have the records up, but at least now you can check the fastest adult and junior times for the past 7 days or month. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Ariel Nagaytsev

    I can’t seem to find the Nashville location!

  • Kaitlin Mullinax

    Do you have times for the Fairfield location? And does league racing count to these times?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Kaitlin! Unfortunately we (at corporate) don’t have access to those times since this is a franchise that is now using a different system to ours. Please check at the center itself to see where you can see those times. Any league racing times should be absolutely be included, so again, please check with the center itself. Sorry we weren’t able to assist you more with that.

  • dusty rhodes

    do you guys have Cinnaminson, NJ lap times?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Dusty! Just put that up now. Sorry for the wait!

  • matias janice

    lap times for Cinnaminson, NJ?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, Matias! Just put that up now. Sorry for the wait!

  • Nathan Roys

    The Boise track times don’t seem to be working

    • Staff Writer

      Sorry about that, Nathan. Should be working now. Thanks for the heads up!

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