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A Fun Thing to Do with Friends and Family

Have a free day off and looking for a fun thing to do with friends and family? Good. You’ve come to the right place. For over 16 years, K1 Speed has been the peoples’ choice when it comes to doing something fun. Here’s why.

A Fun Thing to Do: Racing with Friends and Family

a group of friends walk over to go karts at K1 Speed

Racing with friends and family has been a fun thing to do for generations. In fact, go kart racing has been around since the 1950s! It didn’t take long for the Southern Californian activity to take off, either. Many families and friends got together at the Rose Bowl parking lot in Pasadena, California for a day of racing during the very first go kart races.

A Fun, Shared Experience with Friends and Family

When you race go karts with friends and families, you’re enjoying a shared experience. Chances are, you’ve gone go kart racing once or twice in your life. This isn’t something everyone does all the time (yet). So, you’ll bond over your stories after the race.


You’ll discuss that moment you dove down on the inside of your dad into Turn 2. Or your friend will complain that he just couldn’t keep up with you around those fast s-turns. And remember when your cousin tried to pass you on the outside but spun instead?  You’ll share a lot of laughs after your race, and you’ll be feeling GREAT from the adrenaline rush!

Replace Worries with a Fun Experience

As a whole, Americans are stressing and worrying more and more this day and age. One of the reasons racers love to race is that it forces them to only think about the task at hand. There’s no worry about the world’s issues, your personal issues, or whether he or she loves you. When you’re on track, you’re in the zone. You’re just focusing on having a fun time, beating your friends or family members, and enjoying the experience. Believe us, when you’re racing at speeds up to 45 miles per hour, you won’t have time to think about anything else.

Find Your Local K1 Speed
a family laughs and talks with helmets in hand after racing at k1 speed

The Reviews are In: Yelpers Say K1 Speed is Fun for Kids and Adults!

You can find around 2,200 reviews on our Yelp pages where reviewers have specifically stated they had a fun time racing with us or enjoy family fun at our locations.  You’ll see “my kids had such a fun time!” and “great fun for adults!”. And you’ll see all sorts of other comments about the “fun company event” or “fun outing with friends” and “fun birthday party” too. Bottom line, we know how to bring the FUN.

a family celebrates on the podium at k1 speed, a fun thing to do with family

Family Fun for Kids and Adults

Families love K1 Speed because there’s something fun for everyone. Of course, our star attraction is our go kart racing experience.


Fun For Young Children in the Family


Kids will love the fact that you don’t need a driver’s license to race here. Children who are 4′ or 48″ tall (usually ages 5 or 6) can experience driving a go kart – many for the first time!  Our junior karts reach a respectable 20mph – much faster than any amusement park ride!


We’re also much safer than any amusement park ride, too. Every racer wears a Department of Transportation-approved helmet, our track is lined with the latest barrier technology, and our karts’ speeds can be remotely controlled to prevent that rowdy kid from living out his “drive it like you stole it” dreams.


Parents and Teens Enjoy the Fun, Too!


You’ll need to be at least 4’10” to enjoy our adult karts, which reach speed of up to 45 mph – the fastest in the industry. Teens and adults will be blown away by the quick acceleration, nimble handling, and cornering g-forces when they race on our track.


While we don’t allow junior karts and adult karts to be mixed on track (again, safety is very important to us), there’s still a ton of fun that can be shared. One thing we love to see at our tracks are children coaching their parent for a change. Kids love to give their parents tips after their race on how to take corners and where to pass other karts. And vice versa! The bonding opportunities from K1 Speed kart racing are second-to-none.


K1 Speed is a fun thing to do after school, during college breaks, or on the weekend and will get you energized!


Not everyone has to drive our go karts to enjoy themselves, either. Every K1 Speed location has different activities off track that can entertain people of all ages. Whether it’s a video game arcade, pool tables/air-hockey tables, a virtual reality zone, miniature bowling, or a game of Cybersport, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


So no matter what age you are, every member of the family can have fun at K1 Speed!

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Fun Competition Amongst Friends

two friends take a selfie at k1 speed

If there’s something friends love to do for fun, it’s competing against one another for bragging rights. Whether it’s a game of one-on-one basketball or who can beat who at Street Fighter II, friends always want to prove that they have an upper hand over their buddy. Racing go karts at K1 Speed provides this fun level of competition and then some.


When you take part of an Arrive & Drive race at K1 Speed, you’ll be competing against your friends for the fastest lap time around our track. At the end of the race, each one of you will receive a scoresheet with the times of each of your laps plus the top times from everyone.


If someone loves to trash talk and boast, this paper gives them permission. The proof is there in black and white, and no excuses can be made. If you win, you can always frame that scoresheet and gift it to them on their birthday.

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We’re the Fun Thing to Do Near You!

You can now see that K1 Speed is the perfect choice when you’re looking for a fun thing to do with friends and family. There are over 30 locations in the United States, so whether you’re looking for fun things to do in Boston, San Antonio, or Kapolei (to name a few) we’re there for you.


Be sure to check our locations page to see where your closest K1 Speed is. Remember that K1 Speed is open seven days a week, and our Arrive & Drive racing is first-come, first-served. If this is your first time, we encourage you to read our post that details everything you need to know before visiting.

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Height Requirements

Junior minimum height requirement is 48″ (121.9 cm)Adult minimum height requirement is 58″ (147.3 cm). No mixed Adult and Junior races.


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