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Usain Bolt Races at Miami, Teases Lewis Hamilton

Usain Bolt wears a Lewis Who t shirt at K1 Speed

One of the greatest sprinters of all time, nine-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, has teased one of the greatest auto racers of all time, five-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton, by posting a video on social media where he dons a “Lewis WHO?” t-shirt and claims to be the “King of Go-Kart” before go-kart racing at K1 Speed.

The “Lightning Bolt” Strikes


The “Lightning Bolt” may be well-known for his record-breaking speed in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay, but it appears his confidence spills over from the running track to the racing track found at K1 Speed locations all around the world.


Bolt posted the video yesterday on Instagram and Twitter in which he claims “Nobody’s better than me. Nobody!” before showing highlights from his racing experience with American Olympic medalist Will Claye last Wednesday, December 12 at K1 Speed in Miami.


In the video, Claye declares, “I’m taking no more prisoners! Cold blooded!” before Bolt is shown overtaking him on the track. “I need to talk with Lewis Hamilton. That’s who I need to talk to”, says Claye shortly after (for the record, Bolt’s pretty handy on the track. He beat his friends and set a 22.274 around Miami’s Track 2 – 0.6s faster than Claye).

Will Claye crosses his arms while racing with Usain Bolt at K1 Speed in Miami
Lewis Hamilton shares Usain Bolt karting video on Instagram

Lewis Hamilton Responds


When he posted the clip, Bolt wrote, “Lewis Who? (laughing emojis) Don’t ever test the K1 specialist unless you like losing”, tagging Hamilton and Claye.


It wasn’t long before Hamilton responded, reposting the video on his personal Instagram account and writing, “Move out the way sled god, sanka coffee comin tru (cool runnings)” with a laugher emoji.

Watch the Clip!

Capture of Bolt tweet at k1 Speed

Hamilton vs Bolt for Fastest Man on Earth?


The obvious follow up to this challenge would be to see two of the fastest men on Earth go wheel-to-wheel in our electric go-karts. It’s up in the air at the moment, so we’ll just have to fantasize for now.


Both Hamilton and Bolt are no stranger to K1 Speed. Hamilton visited our Austin location in 2015 before the US Grand Prix and coincidentally a month after Bolt first visited K1 Speed at our Fort Lauderdale location.


What K1 Speed location would you like to see a Hamilton vs Bolt showdown? At our headquarters in Irvine? Our very first location in Carlsbad? Or perhaps at one of our very popular International Franchise locations like K1 Speed Mexico, Canada, France, Puerto Rico, China, or South Korea? And who would win?? Does Bolt have what it takes to beat the living motorsport legend?


We want to know! Leave us a comment below!

  • Martin j

    Bring that work to ft Lauderdale………

  • Chris Demaras

    Unless a race between Hamilton and Bolt starts with a 400 m dash from the parking lot to the kart track, there is no challenge. However, if you invite Usain Bolt to Toronto, Canada and get his old Olympic competitor, Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse to race against him, that would be cool.

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