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What Should I Do Today Near Me?

Let us guess: you’ve got some free time and are wondering, “What should I do today near me?“. Well you’ve come to the right place. You should enjoy go kart racing and more at K1 Speed.


Our indoor karting experience has entertained millions of people around the world since we started back in 2003. Read on and see why you should visit your local K1 Speed location today for your entertainment needs.

What You Should Do Today: Try Indoor Go Kart Racing at K1 Speed

If you’ve raced go karts before, but never at K1 Speed, then you haven’t experienced the real deal.


For starters, our Italian go karts are all-electric. This is great for a variety of reasons:


  • Zero exhaust fumes
  • Instant torque (power)
  • Eco-friendly
  • No sweaty firesuits required


Read the differences between gas-powered go karts and electric go karts here.

Then there’s our track. Each of our forty locations around the world has a go kart track that can only be found at that location. This means your racing experience is different at every K1 Speed! Each track is carefully and professionally designed to be safe, allow for overtaking, and challenge both novice and experienced racers alike.


Each racer is timed, and you’ll compete against other racers for the fastest lap of the session. At the end of the race, you’ll receive a scoresheet that has your result, and a breakdown of lap times for each lap you complete.

a head-on view of our electric go kart

This is What You Should Do Today if it’s Raining, Snowing, Hot or Cold

K1 Speed is an indoor go karting attraction. So it doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, rainy or snowy, it’s always a perfect time for racing at our track.


We have over 30 locations in the United States alone. So, whether you live near San Antonio, Boston, Austin, Anaheim, or any of our 14 states that currently has at least one K1 Speed, this is definitely something you should do today or tonight.

Enjoy a Meal and a Drink at the Paddock Lounge

friends celebrate with a beer at the paddock lounge in k1 speed irvine

At many of our locations, you’ll find our Paddock Lounge. This onsite café serves crave-worthy food like pulled pork tacos, flatbread pizzas, hot dogs & brats, and chicken tenders. To wash it down, we’ve got soft drinks, shakes & smoothies, and teas. Need a recharge? We’ve got Red Bull and Gatorade. Are you over 21? Enjoy a domestic or craft beer, or a glass of wine. Parents love watching their kids race while they enjoy a beverage in the lounge.


Some of the locations that have a Paddock Lounge include Irvine, Portland, Dublin, Torrance, Indianapolis, and San Diego.



If your local K1 Speed doesn’t have a Paddock Lounge, it will have a Pit Café that serves snacks and beverages (items vary by location).

Compete with Friends Off-Track in our Arcade!

women playing arcade games at k1 speed in irvine

The competition doesn’t have to end when you’ve finished racing. All of our locations feature attractions off-track too. Most have an arcade with a sampling of the latest video game machines plus some old-school attractions like pool tables and air hockey. But some locations stand out in this department.


At our Irvine location in California’s Orange County, you’ll find Bandai-Namco’s VR Zone Portal that features some of the most cutting-edge virtual reality arcade games emerging from Japan today. This includes the worldwide phenomenon Mario Kart Arcade GP VR! For more virtual reality fun, check out the VR Zone in Bend , located in Central Oregon.


Our Portland location in Western Oregon features the largest arcade game selection of any K1 Speed. This includes exciting games like Halo Fireteam Raven, World’s Largest Pac-Man, Cruis’n Blast, Lane Master, and The Beatles Pinball machine!


Our Orlando, Florida location has a miniature bowling alley. This bowling experience features all the same thrills as regular bowling, just in a fun miniaturized version you’ve got to try!

Experience Cybersport

If you visit Addison in the greater Chicago area, try your hand at Cybersport – a combination of lacrosse, bumper cars, and basketball. Seriously.


Most commonly known as Whirlyball, this action sport pits teams of five against each other in electric bumper-style cars. Each player has a lacrosse-style scoop in which they pass whiffle balls to other players, in the hopes of eventually tossing the ball into an opening on the wall. It’s a high-energy competitive game you’ve just got to try out with your friends and family!

Try GLO Kart Racing

If you’re familiar with what atomic bowling does for that sport, then you’ve got to check out GLO Kart racing at K1 Speed! Our karts and track at our Kapolei, Orlando, Carlsbad and Bend location are outfitted with special glow-in-the-dark technology. When we turn off the lights, K1 Speed turns into an otherworldly environment and our karts look and sound just like spaceships. This incredible experience costs the same as our regular Arrive & Drive racing and is something you should do tonight if it happens to be Monday, Wednesday, or Friday evening.


Round Up Your Squad and Book a Group Event

a group of friends are doing what you should do today - celebrate on the podium at k1 speed

If you want to do something today that’s really special, round up your group of friends and book a group event at K1 Speed. Depending on availability, this can even be done on the same day you plan on arriving.


A group event at K1 Speed provides many perks over our usual walk-in Arrive & Drive format. First of all, you and your group will receive a reserved start time. This is an enormous benefit, especially on weekends when we tend to be at our busiest. You’ll also enjoy private racing – meaning you’ll race with nobody outside your group while you’re on track. Just you and your friends or family. And finally, one of your races will be a race for position, not fastest lap. This means you’ll be going wheel-to-wheel racing with your friends for the top spot on the podium.


We also throw in fun mementos for the top-three finishers: medals in one of the packages, trophies in the others.


If you’re looking for a memory to last a lifetime, then a group event with your friends or family is really something you should do today. Call a group events representative now to start planning!

Now You Know What You Should Do Today

So as you see, a trip to K1 Speed is something you should do today with your precious spare time thanks to our indoor go kart racing, food & beverages, arcades, and group events. We hope we see you soon at the track!


Click one of the blog posts below to learn more about K1 Speed – including what you should know before visiting and racing tips to maximize your speed on our track!

  • Michella Amonson

    Can i race with a cast on my left foot?

    • Staff Writer

      Most likely not, Michella, as that does limit your movement with the brake pedal (our karts are right foot gas, left foot brake). To be honest, you probably wouldn’t want to risk racing with a cast anyways – these karts move quick and we would hate to see you further injure that foot!

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