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A Safe & Clean Venue for Your Kid’s Go Kart Birthday Party

kids race at the track at k1 speed during a child's birthday party

So the time has come for you to plan your child’s birthday party now that businesses are reopening. But with all the other birthday party places for kids, it can be overwhelming to narrow your choice down to just one place. Let alone a place that your child and their friends will rave about for weeks. And what about safety and cleanliness?


Enter K1 Speed. For the last 16 years, we’ve hosted children’s birthday parties that deliver excitement, thrills, and plenty of memories.


Our junior birthday party race packages put your child and their friends (who must be at least 48” tall) behind the wheel of an authentic racing experience. The best part? We make it easy to plan the birthday party, relieving you of unneeded stress and headaches.

A Kids Birthday Party That’s Safe & Clean

We get it. Planning a birthday party during these times isn’t as easy as it was earlier this year. But we’re here to put any of your concerns to rest.


K1 Speed has taken numerous measures to ensure our customers continue to have a safe and clean experience while at our track. Our karts and helmets are cleaned and disinfected after every use. We’ve got fancy new air and surface purifiers that use space-technology to eliminate contaminants. Watch the video above, or click here for more information about our new safety protocols.


Private Racing & Private Party Rooms Available


And every event includes private racing for your group – so you don’t have to worry about racing with other people on track at the same. It’ll just be the child and his friends on track during their races. Plus, when you book a birthday party, you’ll also have the opportunity to book a private party room, so you don’t have to stress out about outsiders hanging out with everyone from your party. There’s more information about that later in this blog.

A Kids Birthday Party That’s Easy to Plan

Let’s not “kid” ourselves: planning a child’s go kart racing birthday party can be hard work. But not at K1 Speed. Our group events representatives are seasoned pros when it comes to planning the right party for your kid. And our event packages are already tailored to provide the best birthday experience for everyone involved.


To get more information about our events and to check availability, you can reach out to a representative either online or on the telephone:

The Birthday Party Agenda


Our go kart birthday parties for kids start with a reserved race time. This means you don’t have to worry about how busy it is at our track that day. You will need to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the event to make sure there’s time to register and fill out waivers.


Every child who has not visited K1 Speed will need to register and every parent needs to sign their waiver. Then each kid will receive a free headsock they can take home. This headsock serves both as an extra layer of comfort and as a hygienic barrier when they wear our helmets.

Safety Briefing

Before the racing begins, any child that is new to K1 Speed will be given a full safety briefing. This briefing teaches them how to operate our electric go-karts, what the racing flags mean, and our general rules.

Go Kart Racing!

After the safety briefing, the children will then be treated to at least two racing sessions – both a qualifying race and final race.


The qualifying race is a shootout for the fastest lap time. At the end of the qualifying race, the children will be ranked by lap times (fastest to slowest) which will then dictate the starting position of each child at the beginning of the final race.


After each race session, every child will receive a sheet with all their lap times and their finishing positions. Kids are usually filled with adrenaline and love comparing their times with each other. However, if the kids need some extra stimuli, they will continue to be entertained by our on-site arcade which typically features video games and a table game such as a billiards table and/or foosball table. Our on-site Pit Café or Paddock Lounge can provide a light refreshment and/or snack as well if they need to quickly recharge.


The final race is an all-out battle for position on the track. You’ll love watching this race trackside as the kids go head-to-head against each other in our go-karts, and we encourage parents to join in the fun by cheering on their kid!

The Podium Ceremony

At the end of the race, the top three finishers will be led onto our podium, where the top three will be awarded a medal or trophy. The birthday child will receive a unique birthday medal regardless of their final position, and every child that races will be able to take home their headsock – so everyone receives a party favor in the end!


Plus, we’ll take a podium birthday photo of your entire group to email out afterwards that will forever immortalize the awesome party you just treated these kids to.

children are lined up in go karts at k1 speed during a kids birthday party
a group of kids celebrate on the podium at k1 speed during a children's birthday party

Add Food and a Party Room

Irvine Indy Room

At most locations, we offer an All-Inclusive Package as an extra add-on after the racing has finished. This package turns your racing into a well-rounded event with food, beverages and a party room for just one low price. The All-Inclusive Package will provide your group with one hour in a party room, plus two or three large pizzas and 12-16 drinks! Just ask a group sales associate to see how you can add this on!


Want to bring a cake? No problem! We allow any store-bought birthday cake to be brought in, free of charge.


Our rooms come decorated with black tablecloths, but we’ll leave the rest to you! If you’re looking to plan a racing themed party, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll provide the racing – you provide the race car decorations (as long as they don’t damage our room!).


Read More: How to Plan the Ultimate Racing Themed Birthday Party 

A Unique Party Favor for the Birthday Kid

To cap things off, our Tire Trophy makes for an excellent takeaway for the birthday child, and a guaranteed unique party favor no matter what position they finish.


The Tire Trophy features the same exact tire that’s used on our karts. We’ll give you a marker so that everybody at the birthday party can write a message and sign their name. Once home, the tire is an eye-catcher on any shelf as the ultimate birthday party favor.


At just $29, this one-of-a-kind trophy is a bargain!

Kids Birthday Party Venues Near You

K1 Speed is located in 14 states, from Portland, Oregon to Massachusetts. We’ve got 10 locations in California alone that stretch from Dublin to San Diego, and a handful in Texas including San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Dallas. There’s three in Florida: Ft Lauderdale, Miami, and Orlando, and two in the greater Chicago area: Addison and Buffalo Grove.


Additionally, we have locations in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah and Washington.


Not sure where your nearest K1 Speed is? Click the button below!


It’s easy for us to say we’re a great place to host a racing themed birthday party, but what do moms say? Well, read this review from the “Coffee and Confetti Mom” blog. She writes about her total experience – from planning to execution. Plus, there’s plenty of great pictures and tips to put your kids birthday party in the winner’s circle. Take a look!

Plan Your Kid’s Birthday Party!

So, if you’re looking to plan a kid’s birthday party that they’ll be talking about for a while, look no further than K1 Speed. We’re the perfect birthday party venue for your kid!


For more information about our junior parties and to begin planning your own event, click the button below! This will take you to our booking inquiry form where you can get more information such as:


  • Event availability
  • Birthday party pricing
  • Available food and beverage options
  • Available party rooms

Or you can call our Group Sales department toll-free at (855) 517-7333.

  • Elizabeth Afanasiev

    How much is an All-Exlusive pagacke because I am considering having my 11 year old. She will be turning 12 and she is pretty tall so she would be considered an adult but she had friends that are much shorter than her that would be considered kids. So I am wondering if she can have all different heights with her at the party, the price for a birthday party, if I can reserve for 2 hours.
    Thank you!

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Elizabeth, thanks for your interest in having your daughter’s birthday at K1 Speed! Our junior karts are appropriate for children from 4′ to 5’3. If everyone is in that range, they’ll be good! As far as time, the amount of time you spend at the track will be dependent on the package you select. For more information, including pricing and time structures, please either 1.) fill out a booking inquiry by CLICKING HERE or 2) call toll-free 1-855-517-7333, Monday-Saturday (we are closed on New Year’s Day, however) and speak with an events representative. Thanks again for your interest and we hope to see you all at the track soon!

  • Amy Robbins

    I just want to thank Mia at the San Diego K1 Speed for helping me with membership for my daughter’s birthday. She was so helpful and gave me the info I needed to get my event started off right!! Thank you Mia ! I’ll post again after the event !

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Amy! We’re so happy that your daughter’s birthday party got off to a great start! We hope you all had an awesome time, and thank you for choosing K1 Speed!

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