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K1 Speed World Championship: 2 Months Left!

k1 world championship bracket

We’re getting down to the closing months of the year, which means there’s less than 60 days left to rack up any points needed to qualify for the inaugural K1 Speed World Championship. Like every month, even more racers are now qualified. Let’s dive in for a deeper look.



4,000 Points: Qualified Racers


Nine more racers have joined the previous 50 who have already qualified for the World Championship for a total of nearly 60 racers! They come from the following centers:


San Diego | Atlanta | Santa Clara | Phoenix | Irvine | Concord | Sacramento | Houston | Anaheim | San Francisco | Denver | Dublin | Ft. Lauderdale | Kapolei | Austin | Dallas | Addison | Buffalo Grove | Redmond | Carlsbad | Torrance



3,000 Points: Getting Close!


We have 34 racers who are just 1,000 points or less from qualifying for the World Championship. They come from:


Arlington | San Antonio | Indianapolis | Boston | Ontario |Salt Lake City


Out of these 34 racers, 16 of them are less than 500 points away from qualifying. So we fully expect to see them competing for Location Champion come the beginning of the year.

There’s Still Two Months Left to Score Points!


If you think you’re not going to be able to earn enough points by the end of year – don’t worry! Two months is still plenty of time to haul in those points! Maximize the points you can earn by racing on a weekend with a full grid of people, since every person you beat will put you two points closer to realizing your goal. That’s not to mention the points you earn for fastest lap and fastest average lap, and the points just for entering a race!

So join the nearly 60 other racers that have already qualified and make sure you have 4,000 points by the end of this year!


Any questions about the Championship? Let us know in the comments section below!


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